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A New Confidential Mode Introduced By Gmail

Google is not only revamping Gmail with a fresh layout but also including an array of new natty features. Though, the revamping focused on toning to Outlook of Microsoft when taking productivity tools into consideration, a novel tools’ set focus on getting some uniqueness. And now, the company will enable you to send self-destroying emails in the latest feature known as “Confidential Mode.”

This new feature is fundamentally a privacy-driven feature that enables you to transmit emails with a date of expiration—analogous to self-destroying messages on Apple iMessage or Snapchat. The Confidential Mode of Gmail though can be immense for professionals who do not wish their sensitive information to be disclosed. The feature restricts receivers from pasting/copying, downloading, or forwarding, or even taking prints of the email contents.

To begin, you need to enable the new Gmail design by tapping on the Settings icon and selecting the “Try new Gmail.” After its activation, the Gmail page will again load itself with the new UI and design. Then, tap on the compose email. You will see a lock logo with a clock sign at the compose box’s bottom. On tapping, a pop-up menu will emerge with the alternatives to set a date of expiration, spanning from 1 Day to 5 Years.

One can also put a passcode for email access. One can further tailor this by including SMS-based or email-based passcode. They can also eliminate early admission to the email you have conveyed. To prevent your receiver from accessing the email prior to the expiration one has placed, launch your Gmail. Tap on left Sent button, open the confidential email, and tap on Remove Access.

Apart from this, Gmail has also introduced few other features, including the capability of “snoozing” emails, artificial intelligence that “nudges” one to report on particular emails and “SmartReply” that utilizes neural networking to offer them 3 alternatives for one-click replies.

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