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Amazon Go, An Ultramodern Cashless Store Coming Soon In Chicago And San Francisco

Amazon, after 4 Months, inaugurated its first ultramodern convenience store in Seattle, its hometown; the company also stated that it is in plans to soon bring new Amazon Go store locations to Chicago and San Francisco.

The announcement came after it was reported that an Amazon Go store possibly will be at Union Square. Currently, Amazon has vacancies for store manager positions in Chicago and San Francisco.

It was reported in February that in 2018, Amazon wanted to open 6 new Amazon Go stores and identify potential locations in Los Angeles and Seattle. At that time, it was not clear if Amazon had also aligned other cities.

The earliest Amazon Go store opened to the public was in January, after a year of operation which was accessible only for employees. Equipped with hundreds of cameras and sensors, but without ATMs, the store allows customers to get sandwiches, drinks, and other purchases off the shelves and simply leave without paying. Customers scan their mobile phones while they are on the move and are automatically charged for their items when they leave.

The agreement is an Amazon push to increase sales in the food and beverage categories that still remains influenced by physical sales. Experts think that Amazon Go also offers the company with important customer information that can aid the online business and that Just Walk Out technology can lead to overspending as customers do not know the value of their order before leaving.

At the same time, the concept of Amazon Go has been a finalist due to the shortage of ATMs, and what does this technology mean for one of the biggest retail tasks. Although Amazon Go does not employ people who call customers on the way out, they have workers who prepare fresh food on the spot in the kitchen, a receptionist at the front desk and a person who controls the identifications in the liquor department.

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