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Chinese Phone Maker ZTE Has Been Ensured To Seek Help From Trump To “Get Back Into Business”

ZTE, the Chinese telecom giant who is the world’s fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer, has been ensured to seek help from the 45th current president of United States, Donald Trump to get back into the business. This happened days after the Chinese telecom company stated that due to the recent trade restrictions of the US government, they would cease their operating activities. The announcement left America stunned as China was accused by Donald Trump for a very long time for stealing the jobs of US. The president tweeted that he and the president f China Xi were closely working to help make way for ZTE the Chinese phone company to get in the business again in a fast manner. His tweeted further mentioned that there was too many loss of jobs in China and that the Department of Commerce was instructed to get things work.

The tweet could potentially reverse the toughest administrative action of Donald Trump as ZTE was penalized by the commerce department for illegal shipments to North Korea and Iran under the violation of settlement with the government of US. This resulted in barring the firms of US for nearly 7 years by the administration of Donald. The firm was not allowed to export microchips and other critical parts to the Chinese company. Unable to get those essential components, the Chinese company had to halt its functions and stated that in order to reverse the orders by the Commerce Department; they are constantly in talks with the government officials of the US.

For discussing the strained trade ties, the US officials had planned to meet Liu He one of the closet advisers of Xi Jinping the Chinese President, just prior to the tweet by Donald Trump. Washington is the expected venue for the meeting that is scheduled for this week.

ZTE was initially penalized in the year 2017 with a certain amount to be paid as settling charges which violated the United States sanctions. The Chinese company was also required to tighten its internal monitoring and punish those employees involved in the violation.

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