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New Plans Of Google Drive Gets Family Sharing And More Alternatives

The Google Drive’s consumer version is getting an overhaul, with new benefits, lower charges for data storage, and a new name as well. Over the forthcoming few months, beginning in the US, all the paid customer Google Drive storage schemes will turn into Google One plans, as declared by Google. This is not valid for business consumers using Google Drive as a fraction of G Suite.

The upgrade makes customer storage plans of Google more competitive against alternatives such as OneDrive of Microsoft and Dropbox. The prices for Google One plans are: 2TB for $9.99, 200GB for $2.99, and 100GB for $1.99 per month. The prevailing Google Drive plans consist of 1 TB for $9.99—which will be advanced to 2 TB at no additional price.

Google One will present offers up to 30 TB for each month and cost for plans more than 2 TB will stay unchanged ($299.99 each month for 30 TB). Apart from the new cost, Google One enables the consumers to purchase family plans. Consumers can include up to 5 family members within the single bill, with every family member still receiving their own personal storage space.

Also, it comes with “single-tap admittance” to Google experts for assistance with consumer services and products. Consumers also get benefits such as offers on specific hotels located via Google Search or credits on Google Play. Consumer accounts of Google come with free space of 15 GB, however, as Google notes, individuals are using progressively more storage thanks to using of mobile phone and the increase of high-resolution photography and 4K video.

Recently, at its annual conference, Google declared that now its virtual assistant can make calls to plan appointments such as restaurant reservations, making use of a natural speech pattern that entails affirmations and hesitations such as “erm.” This makes it virtually impossible to distinguish from a genuine human call.

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