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Patent Reveals That Motorola Is Operating On A Foldable Device

It seems that foldable gadgets can be the next fashion in the smartphone market. Motorola is the newest firm to have received its patent for a foldable gadget accepted by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). The gadget has a rectangular display that can be unfolded as a tablet or folded similar to a phone. This will provide dual functionality to the consumer.

For those who are not aware, brands such as Huawei, Samsung, and ZTE all are supposedly operating on foldable handsets. There have been rumors about Apple operating on a foldable handset too. On the other hand, no company has formally verified the rollout of any foldable handset.

Speaking of the foldable handset by Motorola, the patent unveils a flexible screen that covers a hinge apart from a cover that serves 2 functions: prop the handset as a tent or protect the screen. Last week, a media report claimed, “No shock that Motorola has essentially been planning this for years. A lately awarded patent discovers its idea for a handset that converts into a tablet when folded, pretty much similar to other phone patents present”.

“On the other hand, what makes this one a little more appealing is not the handset itself but the inclusion of a case cover that essentially puts on some value to the smartphone,” claimed the report. In fact, Motorola had filed the patent in 2016 but it recovered the approval this March. What is noteworthy is that Lenovo was the first firm worldwide to start operating on prototypes for a foldable device.

Lately, Microsoft also filed a patent for a tablet-akin gadget that will come with almost 3 displays. According to the patent application filed, the supposed tablet-akin device can fold outwardly as well as inwardly. It will sport 2 main screens that will come into view when the gadget is opened up. On the other hand, there will be a small 3rd screen on the hinge as well, claimed the media in a report.

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