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FlixBus Comes With New Solution for Interstate Bus Transport In The US

Bus travel is not the most glamorous way to travel in the United States, but FlixBus believes it could overcome that barrier.

FlixBus wants to infuse a dose of Uber into the interstate bus trip. FlixBus doesn’t run its own fleets but is an intermediary working with passengers and independent transport companies. FlixBus will be working with 6 bus lines in the US to start with; these include Pacific Coachways, Arrow Stage Lines, Gray Line Arizona, Transport Charter Services, American Explorer Motorcoach, and USA Coach Services.

Irrespective of the operator, FlixBus equips its buses with an indestructible combination of orange and green. All buses will feature free Wi-Fi, onboard entertainment, power sockets and USB ports for each seat. Although the operators still own the buses, FlixBus will be responsible for the creation of routes and prices in addition to the implementation of their application. According to information, about 30% of sales will be taken by FlixBus; the rest goes to bus companies.

Its initial focus will be on around 180 city route combinations in the Southwest and California. Some examples of FlixBus focus on travel to and from Las Vegas, with takeoff points that go from Los Angeles to San Diego and Phoenix. Finally, FlixBus wants to expand its presence to around 400 connections.

The price is as flexible as Lyft or Uber and will change according to demand. However, their original deals are unreasonably inexpensive, such as from UCLA to Caesar’s Palace at a low price of 99 cents. The co-founder of FlixBus told that it wanted to compete with all sorts of means of transport and not just buses.

FlixBus has launched services in Europe, where it currently has 300 partners and hopes to rekindle this success in the US starting this month. But here, too, Europe covers a majority of the urban transport, so nobody knows how it will be possible.

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