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Tesla Claims That DERs And Energy Storage Will Improve Grid Flexibility

Last week, Tesla favored the energy storage and DER (distributed energy resources), telling the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) that it must take into consideration these assets cautiously as it looks to describe what makes a flexible power grid.

In comments filed on May 9, 2018, with FERC, Tesla claimed that (in case of a danger to grid flexibility) energy storage can stop outages and DERs can carry on providing service to consumers.

FERC is approving comments from the users related to grid flexibility. This comes to a fraction of a docket it began in January after shutting a docket to mull over Secretary Rick Perry’s notice of projected rulemaking. This was done to make market laws that claimed “properly value” coal and nuclear production is their job in delivering flexibility. As the fraction of the proceeding, FERC is operating to design a mutual understanding of what the bulk power system’s flexibility requires and means.

In its interview, Tesla underlined various real-world instances of DERs and energy storage offering flexible electric service to users, both directly and via sustaining the bulk power system. Tesla observed the advantages that the 100-MW/129-MWh Powerpack battery system in South Australia at Neon’s Hornsdale Wind Farm has offered to National Energy Market of Australia. As a result of major blackouts in 2016 and 2017 in South Australia, Tesla was opted in a spirited bidding process to construct the project, which was approved in December 2017.

Speaking of Tesla, the firm earlier temporarily stopped manufacturing its Model 3 electric vehicles, to regulate equipment so as to increase production rates and improve automation. Tesla claimed that the projected pause was common and normal for elevation in output when a firm is increasing the efforts for a new product. They said that the production plan for Model 3 comprised temporary halt in both Gigafactory 1 and Fremont.

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