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Facebook’s New Features Include Stories Archive, Voice Posts, And Cloud Storage

Facebook, the social media giant will be rolling out 3 new features and they will be released only in India for now prior to launching it in the rest of the world. The team majorly focused on the camera app of Facebook that is entrenched into the main application.

Voice Posts and cloud storage access for photos have begun surfacing already as choices on Facebook Camera. However, you would need to wait for a while as the third feature with the capability of archiving stories will release in the upcoming weeks.

Cloud storage

As we know, not every smartphone is equipped with a MicroSD card slot and the choice to amplify storage. That is why the option by Facebook to save images into their accounts directly instead of their handset, will be alluring to a few. Even better, the company has not declared any storage caps to their cloud storage so far.

Voice Posts

Including a choice for audio within the Facebook Camera, one can now send and receive voice messages as “Voice Posts.” It is a bonus for individuals who do not like typing. Above all, it oversteps the need for written know-how just for the purpose of expressing oneself online. Apart from this, it also undercuts the requirement to install a keyboard for native language.

Archiving Facebook Stories

Analogous to Instagram’s choice of selecting stories to keep as highlight reels on the core profile page, the social media giant has plans of providing their users the alternative to archive their most valued Facebook Stories.

In the consequences of the latest Cambridge Analytica scandal, this can be the way of Facebook to maintain their users. And in the wake of same, another report by the company stated that Facebook has disabled almost 1.3 Billion “bogus” accounts over the last 2 quarters, several of them bots “with the aim of dispersing spam or executing illegal activities such as cons.

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