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Hyundai Funds Metwave To Enhance Radar For Self-Driving Cars

Metawave may sound like a new musical trend, but Hyundai really has a keen focus on the company for its new technology.

Hyundai today announced that its venture-based business will invest in Metawave, a manufacturer of autonomous vehicle radar systems. The manufacturer believes that single-antenna radar of Metawave improves object recognition and diminishes the intricacy of components.

A majority of the radars use multiple antennas that position in diverse directions to send out radio waves, which are eventually returned and used to detect objects in and around the road. Metawave’s product, which uses a single antenna to send beams in multiple directions called warlord.

Artificial intelligence in the system’s integrated hardware processes all of that data and sends it to the sensor fusion software that is used to merge the radar results with what the lidar and cameras record. The result is, preferably, an obvious picture of the road on which the car can function safely. Almost all companies that test AVs believe that the three parts; cameras, lidar, and radar are necessary to build the safest self-driving cars.

This is not the only Hyundai movement in the AV field. The company made an announcement in January that it went into a strategic alliance with Aurora, a new company founded by ex-Google Chris Urmson, dedicated to developing an autonomous platform. Hyundai expects its association to be fruitful by the year 2021.

The radar technology giant was the first one to demonstrate its Electronically Scanned Metamaterial Array dedicated for autonomous driving. Radar core technology platform of Metawave, WARLORD was introduced first at CES2018 with great accomplishment. The company also showed SABERâ„¢, a high-gain antenna to the telecom giants who are interested in install advanced hybrid antennas. It has an ability to highly precise and directive beam, which can be focused and steered over larger bandwidths and wide angles.

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