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Energy Solution From Nissan Introduced With Price £ 3,881

Nissan launched Solar Energy solutions in the UK to offer customers the option of integrating solar modules, battery storage systems and home energy management systems in their houses.

Product packaging is beginning to claim that homeowners could benefit from a decrease in household electricity bills up to 66%. They can also store, generate, and manage energy for the utilization during the night, even in cloudy or rainy weather, and charge their Nissan electric vehicles.

Gareth Dunsmore, director of electric vehicles at Nissan Europe, said: “Nissan solar power is a complete system for the production, management, and storage of domestic energy. It allows UK homeowners to achieve substantial savings on their household bill and is respectful of the environment as a champion of sustainability and.

“Over 880,000 people in the UK are already using solar panels and this fully integrated solution offers a new opportunity to boost this number exponentially in the coming years.”

UK customers have a choice of energy storage systems using either new or second-life Nissan electric vehicles, in which the use of recyclable materials is increased.

The Home Energy Management System enables users to control when and how they would utilize their energy through the automation of energy to optimize battery storage capacity and solar power generation.

The savings of 66% of a family based in the southeast region, which is an average of half a day at home and an annual consumption of 4500 kWh, once a solar system of 4 kW and a storage system of 6 kWh are installed.

The price of the system includes a home energy management system, installation and supply of a 6-panel solar system, and an added 5% VAT.

As per the details, Nissan’s storage was developed with the joint efforts of Eaton while the panels were delivered by LG and Hanwha Q Cells.

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