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Google Duo Gets A Spanking-New Feature To Android: Screen Sharing

Duo app of Google has become among the most well-liked video calling application on Android since its introduction in 2016, and at present, it is coming up with an uncommon facility for mobile platforms, to be precise, screen sharing. The most recent Duo’s version is releasing with the capability to share what is displayed on the screen of the phone while on a call, enabling the other people to trail along in real-time.

The screen sharing can be turned on while on a video call with a fresh icon simply on top of the camera switch icon. When clicked, a prompt will surface cautioning the users that “Duo will begin capturing all that is exhibited on your display.” After selecting to carry on, the application will start showing the home screen of the sharer, with a red border signifying that the other caller can glimpse all.

A bring red button is positioned on the screen to make it simpler to quit or pause screen sharing with the former revisiting users automatically to the Duo call. The screen sharing is entailed with the Duo app’s version 34, which is rolling out gradually. Several early users are discovering that the facility still has bugs, with the call receivers not able to see the display of the sharer so it might require another update or 2 prior to it functions appropriately for everybody.

It is simple to perceive this becoming very helpful for those providing troubleshooting to family or friends or basic tech support. Being capable of seeing the screen of someone or present instructions with their own must be much simpler than sharing screenshots or typing out thorough instructions.

Recently, Google unveiled a feature, Duplex, of its virtual assistant and was demonstrated calling up a restaurant and hair salon to make reservations, conversing to humans, and managing complex chats with ease.

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