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Facebook And Qualcomm Comes Together For The Gigabit Wi-Fi

Facebook this week was claimed to have enlisted US-located chip manufacturer Qualcomm to offer the tech for its gigabit Wi-Fi initiative. This project was announced by the social media behemoth in 2016 at the time of its yearly developer conference.

“This is a key for both urban and rural regions that simply have poor Wi-Fi in particular areas,” a spokesperson of Qualcomm claimed to the media in an interview. With Qualcomm processors being incorporated to the “Terragraph” tech, makers will be capable of upgrading routers and elevating broadband data-conveying frequency to almost 60GHz.

The “gigabit Wi-Fi initiative” was rolled out as a fraction of wireless multi-node Terragraph system of Facebook that was supposed to aim at enhancing high-speed Internet to crowded urban regions. This project employs tech that conveys higher frequencies to transport data via the air with a speed of almost 7 Gbps.

Facebook has not provided any certified data, but field tests are anticipated to start in the middle of 2019. Facebook had claimed in 2016 in a blog post that Terragraph’s lowered interference and capability of operating in non-line-of-sight situations elevate user’s reach.

“For business or users in high-rises or multi-dwelling units, the ‘Terragraph system’ can be outwardly integrated to a building and linked to an in-built Ethernet data network,” the firm had claimed earlier. Together with Wi-Fi access points, the social media giant stated that Terragraph is one of the cheapest solutions to attain 100% outstanding coverage of “gigabit Wi-Fi.”

On a similar note, in an attempt to avoid its platform from being mistreated at the time of elections, Facebook last week declared a joint venture with Atlantic Council’s Washington-located Digital Forensic Research Lab. The lab will separately monitor other vulnerabilities including disinformation in elections all over the world, which also covers India. This was as per the media reports and industry sources.

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