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Google Might Have To Pay Off $4.3 Billion Over Privacy Violation Of The Users

On Monday, the search giant Google had appeared at the UK court to present its side for the privacy case. If Google by chance is found suspected, it will be liable to pay $4.3 Billion.

The group created by 4.4 Million iPhone users named as “Google You Owe Us” in the UK, filed a case in July stating that the Google since 2011 to 2012 has violated the privacy through Safari Workaround.

As Apple iOS devices come with an inbuilt privacy setting for its integrated Safari browser, Google had a free hand to get around it and collect data from the browser without permission of the users, as per the allegations. Late back in 2012, the first workaround was identified by a researcher at Stanford University. Moreover, in 2013, the tech giant also decided to settle the lawsuits by paying $17 Million to states, including Stanford University. In terms of Federal Trade Commission regarding allegation for data tracking practices, Google also agreed to pay total $22.5 Million fine.

The privacy group and Google attended the court on Monday along with the court’s documents which revealed the merits of compensation for millions of iPhone users in the UK who could get $1000 each, as per details provided by Bloomberg.

Google presented their argument in court with a firm approach for dismissal of cases, devoid of no proof or method to identify if the users were actually affected by Workaround.

“The security and privacy of our users are particularly critical to us,” Google UK’s communications director, Tom Price, said. “The overall case links to the events occurred around six years back and which we addressed at right time. On this case, we believe it should be dismissed, is meritless.”

About a month ago, the social media giant, Facebook faced similar concerns related to privacy of the data that was breached by Cambridge Analytica through the survey form. Facebook also witnessed the drop in its overall valuation and went through the considerable drop in the market.

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