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Mercedes-Benz’s Parent Daimler To Pour $600 Million Electric Car Expansion In France

Mercedes-Benz’s owner, Daimler, will spend around €500 Million for the expansion of an electric car in Hambach, France. This France-based electric facility will assemble electric car based on the Mercedes-Benz EQA concept. The German automaker plans to introduce one of 10 all-electric models in 2022 in the market.

Daimler is building electric versions of the Smart Fortwo in Hambach. The factory was established in 1997 and at present employs more than 800 people, according to Daimler. The new investment will expand the assembly options and redesign the site’s infrastructure to allow production of the Mercedes electric model, he said in a Daimler press release.

The concept of compact hatchback claims to have a driving range of around 250 Miles along with a 60-kilowatt battery pack, the same size of the two battery packs of Tesla Model 3. Daimler has newly presented an application for trademark application of the name “EQA” and many other model names based on EQ to develop a new sub-brand of electric vehicles.

On the other hand, Mercedes’ Daimler, and BMW and its “i” division, desires EQ to be identical with electrification of vehicles. Daimler has given the name to the next team of Mercedes Formula E and uses the label “EQ Power +” for the hybrid powertrains in the Mercedes Formula 1 cars. The name originated with the Electric SUV Generation EQ concept of the Paris Motor Show 2016. It is expected that a production version of the EQ generation will arrive before the compact electric car built in France on the market.

Mercedes plans to launch more than 10 all-electric models by 2022 and plans to offer a hybrid or all-electric unit on each model by then. Moreover, to invest in the Hambach-based plant, Mercedes plans to pour $1 Billion for upgrading the Alabama factory for the production of electric SUVs.

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