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Study: Lack Of Infection Can Add-Up In The Childhood Cancer Cases

Antiseptic wipes, clean houses and the urge to protect kids against any sort of infection can be the reason behind the most common cause of childhood cancer, stated by a leading expert after a research of more than 3 decades.

Prof Mel Greaves said: Acute leukemia in children has nothing to do with the nuclear fuel or power line reprocessing stations. Nor it is heavily influenced by hamburgers and hot dogs or the radio mast of Vatican. Prof. Greaves, a winner of prestigious Royal Medal of Royal Society, said, “Acute Leukemia in children is heavily influenced by genetic mutation and absence of childhood infection.

Greaves says: It is a fortunate thing that the cancer is a preventable disease. Institute of Cancer Research, Prof. Greaves, London, has gathered evidence from decades of work on ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia), which influence one in every 2,000 children.

This cancer was lethal during the 1950s and 60s. However, 90% of cases can be cured today, though the treatment procedure is time-consuming and can have long-term side-effects.

Greaves has published all the paper in journal Nature Reviews Cancer. The paper has the evidence from his work and from colleagues all over the world in the field of cell biology, epidemiology, genetics, animal modeling and immunology of childhood leukemia.

Chief Clinician, Prof Charles Swanton, Cancer Research, UK, said, “The study exposes the fact that how acute leukemia in children can develop, associating with the complex combination of genetics and exposure to dirt, germs, and illness during early childhood.”

He further added, “We want to ensure the parents and guardians of children who have or had acute leukemia that there is nothing which we are aware of that can help in preventing the illness.”

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