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Artificial Intelligence Developed By Fox To Predict Audience Based On Movie Trailers

We are living in an age where artificial intelligence can be used in any number of fields and industries, in order for them to achieve an overall ‘smarter’ system. The latest organization to bite the bait of AI is 20th Century Fox, which will aim to gauge the ideal audience for a specific movie through its trailer. Consumers are already swept up by the different movie trailers which want to be attention-grabbing, and this just feels like a natural step further. How successful it will be in the long run remains to be seen.

Researchers working with 20th Century Fox have developed a kind of deep learning system which will be able to gauge who is the most probable audience for that particular movie on the basis of its trailer. The AI has been trained in observing patterns between movie trailers and their attendance records, due to which the system will be able to establish links between the trailer’s visual elements with its performance for specific demographics. This approach has been successful in its application in the real world, with Fox being able to anticipate the performance of upcoming movies, in addition to using the current movies as a benchmark. There are certain limitations though, such as the system not including temporal information in its calculations. However, with movie studios now facing a stiff competition from Netflix and the likes, this technique achieves huge significance, as a successful implementation will lead to the studios knowing their intended audience, accordingly playing trailers which would increase chances of their success at the box office.

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox’s owners, 21st Century Fox, have struck a deal with Walt Disney, worth $71.3 billion, where Disney will acquire20th Century Fox’s film and TV studio, Fox’s entertainment cable networks, as well as its overseas assets. Disney was in competition with Comcast, where Disney’s earlier offer of $52.4 billion was trumped by Comcast’s $65 billion. Also stated in the agreement is that Fox shareholders will get $38 per share in either cash or shares of a new holding company, called New Disney, which will be the parent company of both Disney and Fox. Fox stockholders are expected to own 17-20% of New Disney.

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