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California Wildfire Spreads And Destroys Property And Six Lives

According to the initial report from the Fire Department of California, in the region of Northern California, a wildfire raged and engulfed a lot of the portion of the communities. Among the six victims, a 70-year-old lady with her two great-grandchildren is confirmed to be killed by the wildfire.

According to the statement released by the County Sheriff Tom Bosenko near the edge of the blaze from the city of Redding said one more person has been killed in a residence, the victim is still not being identified. Sheriff also said the Fire Department has also faced causalities by fighting the blaze. The Fire Department has confirmed two of their men have lost their lives during the duty. This has led to the loss of life to six now and loss to property is not been evaluated yet but it is sure it’s going to be high too.

Redding city is the city of 90,000 people which was in the middle of the blaze which took off without any warning. More than 38,000 people have been evacuated who were critically in and around the blaze in the Redding city. However, authorities are still looking for seven people who all are reported to be missing since it is possible that they all had run from the blaze to any direction and may have taken shelter to avoid any causalities. The authorities have until now found nine people who tool shelter to avoid any situation from the blaze.

The Blaze was unpredictable said the Chief of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, now the current situation is that the fire is under control which was difficult to control a day back. The officials said in a statement that the firefighters are very optimistic about their gain on the ground and would help them in returning people to their home as soon as possible.

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