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California’s Apex Court Rule Out The Extra Clock Tasks

The supreme court of California state made a rule about the employees who end up having some extended work hours just because of clearing off the task given to them such as locking up everything before leaving the workplace and ruled that employers have to consider these times into working time. These tasks shouldn’t be considered into the unpaid task which earlier used to happen and labors used to feel cheated because they were underpaid and overworked. The rule given by the Supreme court of California has come with a win-win situation to the labors of the state; however, business in the state has shown their concerns regarding the costs involved.

According to the federal law, the Fair Labor Standards Act allows the company to avoid paying employees for the time spent in the task which is difficult to track or trivial for the company’s point of view. To this, California court said in a majority that the federal rules don’t apply in the state of California, especially when it comes to the certain task which employees have to perform apart from their usual working hours for the business or the company.

The State’s new rule is a result of the six-year-long case where an employee of the Starbuck sued the company sighting that after closing his tasks it used to took about additional 10 to 15 minutes after he clocked out of the system, which is amounted to about USD 100 for the 17 months of work he did at the Starbuck. The employee was not paid for the additional closing work he is used to doing to the Starbucks. This kind of situation is created by the company so that they have to pay less to the employees and get the most out of the employee’s labor. During the trials, Starbuck was accused of wage theft.

The decision made by the California Supreme court is a total game changer for the employees of the state.

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