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Elon Musk Again Into Some Controversy

The controversy which Elon Musk has been under has its roots way back in February 2017, when he used the creation of Tom Edwards, a cartoon drawing depicting a unicorn farting electricity. Initially, Tom was glad that personality like Musk is appreciating he’s work through twitter and didn’t mind it at all and was happy to see it. Then after few months, Tom came to know that his image is been used by the Musk’s company Tesla for its automotive operative systems and that same image which is believed to be the creation of the Tom is being used for promoting Tesla’s sketch pad features.

On this Tom is seeking for explanation and also asking for compensation for his artwork used without his consent on any of the Tesla’s product. On which Musk responds and says that the artwork is what Tom is talking about is totally different than what is being used for the company and Musk also says media also have reported that this artwork is a creation of Musk and decision of his own to be used in the products of the Tesla.

In the initial phase Tesla didn’t respond and ignored the Tom legal actions taken against the company, daughters of Tom, Lisa Prank took a revenge over Musk on Twitter saying that how industrialist take the power into their hands and don’t bother about work of others without consenting to take advantage of others small invaluable creations which they believe and incorporated in their business. To this Musk made a witty tweet saying I could sue for money if he wants, but that would be lame or anything that could increase the attention over the issue.

To this, Tom raised a question that writers, artist, and non-tech field job are not considered seriously in this world today. Their labor is not valued rightly today and people from these fields are always cheated somehow from the people high in the ladder above them.

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