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Samsung Begins Mass Manufacturing Of 10nm-Class LPDDR4X Dram Memory Processor

Samsung Electronics has declared that it has begun mass manufacturing of second-generation of 10-nanometer-class, LPDDR4X DRAM. The new processors are stated to lower the battery drain and improve efficiency of premium handsets and other mobile applications. The all-new LPDDR4X from Samsung is based on 10-nanometer structure, which is claimed to be the sector’s first.

In comparison to the present generation of the LPDDR4X DRAM memory processors employed in flagship handsets, the 2nd-generation memory processor will be 10% more power competent while maintaining the rate of 4,266 Mb/s for data calculation. Samsung has produced this new processor by merging 4 x 10nm-class 16 GB LPDDR4X DRAM processors (16 GB = 2 GB) to lower the width by 20% from the previous generation processor.

The new processor can also realize 34.1GB/s of data rate. This will allow producers to build thinner gadgets without negotiating on performance and power efficiency. Samsung is also aiming to extend the new generation DRAM processor lineup by over 70%. The firm is also considering to roll out DRAM 6 GB and 4 GB packages.

“We will carry on developing our premium DRAM series to lead the ‘high capacity, high-performance, and low power’ memory sector to meet the market requirement and reinforce our business competitiveness,” claimed Sewon Chun, senior vice president at Samsung Electronics for memory sales and marketing, to the media in an interview.

The 2nd–generation LPDDR4X DRAM memory processor might come in Galaxy S10 handsets planned to roll out in 2019. There are also speculations about the forthcoming Google Pixel handsets to operate on next-gen LPDDR4X memory processors.

Speaking of Samsung, the firm earlier this week rolled out Gear IconX, its wireless earbuds. The wireless device will be obtainable in India for a price tag of Rs 13,990 at Samsung Online Shop, major retail outlets, and Flipkart.

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