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Studies Confirm Cannabis Are Helpful For Relaxation

A study was conducted widely over the consumption of cannabis and the reason behind the consumption. The primary reason behind the consumption of cannabis which was sighted was the relaxation. Modern science has confirmed and verified that cannabis help in relaxation, as nearly half of the millennia confirmed the same reason behind their consumption. A trend has also been started where Americans are getting treatment for the stress-related problem with the cannabis only.

According to the study journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, suggest that cannabis is commonly used for the stress coping strategy, suggested by the New Frontier Data, a data analyst firm especially for cannabis revealed that the major reason cited during the study was Relaxation 55% of the consumer cited, followed by relieving stress cited by 40% of the consumer, then to enjoy social experience cited by 40% of the cannabis consumer, and lastly reduce anxiety cited by 39% of the user of the cannabis. Female are more likely to consume cannabis than men study also suggest this.

Washington state is at the forefront regarding the study of the cannabis, their research suggests that their earlier culture was onto something to treat the depression of the people with the use of cannabis, but law during that time prevented from achieving this and banned the substance from consumption. Washington scientist has examined how people self-reported that their level of stress, depression, and anxiety were significantly got reduced with the consumption of different amount and type of cannabis.

The study made by the Washington state marks the one of the first study made by the American scientist to study how varying amount of cannabis affects the short-term level of anxiety, depression, and feeling well-being when consumed. The researchers also found out that while both the genders have reported a decrease in all the three symptoms after the consumption of cannabis, but women reported a significantly greater reduction in anxiety than the men.

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