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UBER’s Self-Drive Trucks Division Which Was In Controversies Get Closed

The self drive program for trucks by Uber is getting closed soon, said the company on Monday. Due to an accident in March, Uber took such a decision and ended up with their latest technology of self driving vehicles. This truck program of Uber was held in controversy when they received their unit 2 years back. The price for acquisition of this unit was reported about $680 million, but actual cost incurred was much lesser. Previously, this startup was called as Otto, started by an engineer named Anthony Levandowski who worked at Waymo. Later on this engineer came into controversies when Uber was sued by Waymo saying that Anthony had taken trade secrets of Waymo with him out of the door.

Anthony Levandowski was fired by Uber later and settled a lawsuit with the Waymo last year, which could clear the Uber’s way to develop the technology for self-driving vehicles. The hybrid model was developed by the company which uses trucks for deliveries using software and a driver. But, after some days, an Uber car driver hit and killed a pedestrian in Arizona. Due to this, the program was kept on hold and Uber laid off many drivers afterwards. Last week, Uber started again with their tests for self driving vehicles in Pittsburgh. Eric Meyhofer, Head of Uber’s self driving program said, “Uber has stopped the development on self driving program for trucks and now it will only focus on cars.” Uber also scaled back their program in different ways too. The testing program held in Arizona was also abandoned completely. Earlier to this month, Uber laid off around 100 safety drivers from San Francisco and Pittsburgh and told them to apply for new jobs of “mission specialist” having similar work. As soon as Uber scaled back, Waymo introduced their self driving cargo trucks this year.

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