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Firefox Receiving An Icon Makeover With Mozilla Showing Off Two Competing Designs

Mozilla is spicing things up for Firefox by rebooting the icon for the popular web browser. Firefox, which has been one of the most popular and accessible browsers among the competition out there, will be receiving the makeover along with its other derivatives. The new design will follow last year’s “Moz://a”branding. Mozilla has however stated that these are just work-in-progress designs, and the final design might differ entirely from the current ones.

A blog posted by Mozilla stated the reason for the redesign, mentioning the inadequacy in representation of Mozilla’s services by the current icon of a fast fox having a flaming tail. According to the blog, a logo recolor or modification of the fox would not offer much in terms of change. The designs are known as ‘System 1’ and ‘System 2’, and users can mention their preference on the Mozilla blog. The questions enquire whether the new designs still scream Firefox and how visually cohesive both of them are. Both systems consist of 12 icons each, which cover the entire Firefox range of products and services, both current and future ones. Both the systems include a ‘masterbrand icon’, which will be used at showpiece events and app stores on different platforms. Although System 2 is quite in line with the current logo, System 2 offers a completely different version with a fox’s head as the main logo, being quite a bold stylistic choice.

Meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome have been the victims of a snoopware attack, with users downloading extensions on these browsers which seem to offer privacy and protection from trackers, just to send the list of the user’s visited websites to the servers operated by the developers of the extensions. The attack is active on both iOS and Android platforms, and the post has identified extensions such as Block Site.Privacy policy, AdBlock Prime.Privacy policy, Poper Blocker.Privacy policy and CrxMouse.Privacy policy as carriers of snoopware.


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