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Google’s New Ad About Chromebook Highlighting Mac And Windows Error

Google does not seem like having a stop on the advertisement of its latest Chromebook. The ad blast of minute-long duration will irritate the users with macOS and Windows virus warning, error messages and constant blue screen, and all these are to show them how simple the Chrome OS is.

The message which Google showcase on the latest Chromebook is that it has an automatic update, virus protection, variety of application and all-day battery life. It is the first direct addressing of Google at Mac and Windows laptops, and the move made by the search giant almost five years after the launch of Microsoft’s ad attack on Chromebooks.

A lot of the criticism has made a more sense a year ago addressed by Google for macOS and windows, though, as Apple and Microsoft both have pointed out a lot of unnecessary issues Google wants to highlight.

Windows-10 OS offer automatic updates has a built-in virus protection, and a lot of laptop variants has all-day battery life. The benefit of Chrome OS is the pure simplicity that it holds and that’s the thing Google failed to showcase properly in a commercial design to focus on error notifications.

The ad of Chromebook from Google comes just like the laptop manufacturers were moving back to high school season. It is an opportunity for Google and other laptop manufacturers to make their point in front of teachers and students to buy new machines.

Microsoft is coming in the market with its new Surface Go system in this week, which is directly targeted to the students, whereas Apple has already started with the promotion of offering its free Beats Headphones with selected merchandise of MacBooks.

Google has an upper hand in the US education domain and all of its credit goes to Chromebooks, and the recent advertisement made it clear that the company is targeting to increase its market share.

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