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This Artificial Intelligence Machine Can Verify Objects At Speed Of Light

Researchers have generated an artificial 3D printed neural network. It is a machine modeled on how the human brain operates. This machine can identify objects and analyze huge volumes of information at the speed of light. Various devices in daily life employ computerized cameras to verify objects, such as Internet search engines that can rapidly match images to other analogous pictures, claimed scientists at the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) in the U.S.

On the other hand, those systems depend on a piece of device to image the object, first by viewing it with an optical sensor or camera, then processing what it views into information, and lastly employing computing programs to understand what it is. The new machine, dubbed as a diffractive deep neural network, employs the light reflecting from the object itself to verify that object in as less time as it will take for a device to simply look at the object.

The machine, defined in the Science journal, does not require enhanced computing programs to process a picture of the object and makes a decision on what the object is after its camera verifies it up. No power is used to operate the machine since it only employs diffraction of light, scientists claimed. New techs based on the machine can be employed to pace data-intensive errands that comprise identifying and sorting objects.

For instance, a driverless car employing the tech can react instantly (even quicker than it does employing present tech) to a stop sign. With a machine based on the tech, the car will read the sign the moment the light from the sign approaches it, as opposed to having to wait for the vehicle’s sensors to image the object and then employ its sensors to understand what the object is.

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