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This Small Lab Assists Facebook In The War Against Fake Social Media

A day before Facebook declared that it had disabled and discovered a propaganda campaign developed to spread conflict amongst US voters, it completely shared some of the doubtful pages with an online forensics group. The Digital Forensic Research Lab by Atlantic Council is located in the Washington D.C. in a 12 feet x 12 feet office. This group is a think tank dedicated to studying obscure and at times serious international problems.

Facebook is employing the group to improve its probes of foreign meddling. Previous week, the firm claimed that it took down 32 doubtful accounts and pages that purported to be operated by minority activists and leftists. While some U.S. executives claimed that they were probably the work of Russian agents, the social media giant claimed that it was not sure of this. It turned to the lab to highlight similarities to false Russian pages from 2016 during news conference by Facebook last week.

On a related note, during the recent presidential election in Mexico, the lab operated with Verificado (a media consortium) that comprised Mexico’s Animal Politico to debunk wild speculations about candidates’ Nazi relatives, illicit foreign support, and plans to bar junk food. Solitary, the lab also found out a paid influence campaigner using automated social accounts.

On the other hand, Facebook workers claimed privately over the last couple of months that Mark Zuckerberg (Chief Executive) wishes to outsource many of the most secret political decisions. He wishes to leave geopolitics to think tanks and fact-checking to media groups. The more the company is successful, the less complications for the expansion of the firm, the more reasonable its positioning as a neutral platform, and the smaller its payroll. Facebook did not answer to a question for interview.

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