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Endangered Monkeys And Apes Face New Threat

The researchers are executing a study in order to identify the threat that the palm oil crop is imposing on the biodiversity of Africa. They are suggesting the consumers opt for the products and items that contain sustainably developed palm oil. This will compel the manufacturers to opt for a better option in the items like food, cleaning items, and cosmetics.

A professor of the primate biology, Serge Wich, stated that if the environment is taken into serious consideration, the humankind must pay a price for it. He also mentioned that the people must pay an extra price to save the environment from the upcoming danger. He is the chief of the study from the Liverpool John Moores University.

Palm oil has gained immense popularity due to the cost-effectiveness. Though it is grown abundantly in Malaysia and Indonesia, it is native to West Africa. The native trees were cut to make way for the palm oil trees. In fact, the environmentalists believe that the production of palm oil is a major reason for the deforestation. This is not only threatening the survival of the wild animals but also giving rise to various other problems. Orangutan or Borneo is paying for it dearly as the habitat of the species has been seriously sabotaged.

IUCN or the International Union for Conservation of Nature believes that replacing the palm crops with some other oil crops won’t solve the concern. It also stated that the oil crops are low yielding and end up capturing more space. In fact, they are suggesting a sustainable growth of palm oil crop in order to avoid deforestation and reduction of the use of the same in the other items apart from food.

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