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After Having A Series Of Bending Rules, Google Violates The Trust Of The Users Again

The tech giant company Google Inc. in a statement acknowledged the fact they monitored the location of the people even if the location setting was turned off, this clarification came in wake of the investigation done by the Associated Press Investigation. After the report was published by the investigation firm, Google quietly updated the help page to elaborate on how they use location settings work.

With this, the earlier terms said that with location setting off the place visited by you are no longer stored.  And now the improvised terms say that the setting does not influence or make implications to other location services on any devices, however, some location is monitored as a part of activity required by other services like Maps and search.

The act of changing the terms without consenting the user is a serious act of violation of trust, says the investigation in the report published. Earlier also Google has bent the rules according to themselves and ultimately nothing has happened as a result of it.

In 2010, it was witnessed that Google street view cars were involved in eavesdropping the people’s Wi-Fi connections, in the subsequent next year Google paid fine after found guilty in the involvement of illegal Canadian pharmacies to sell their product in the US and lastly was caught up in the no-cookies policy in the Apple’s Safari browser. Whatever it is ultimately Google has paid fine and visited some courtrooms but nothing substantially happened and people started using again Google services.

These events are unlikely to bring Google down as people find it more convenient to work with the Google services, and Google earned the status of top software makers in the world by constantly improving and iterating on its product services for the last two decades.  However, Google owes an apology to its users on the breach of trust, which company will do it in the following course of action.

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