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A Hope For The Young At Greece After The Final Bailout Offer Is Completed

After the series of bailout offers received by Greece over the past eight years, on Monday Greece received the final bailout offer of USD 342 billion and officially ends the Financial Bailout Programme. The government of Greece and European lenders are happy that the country avoided the Grexit situation and landing into an unknown territory, especially when the situation is tough for the country. Hopefully, this last bailout support would paint Greece in a good manner.

But young of Greece is in the thoughts that the damage had been done already, as a recent poll conducted by the firms shows that three fourth of the remaining population thinks that the country is heading towards the wrong directions and taken the wrong path and these measures had been harming the country. Since taxes remain high, more than 90% of the Greece people think that lenders would have a close eye on the spending of the money for a longer period of time.

When the crisis of Greece started since then the country has lost almost 4% of a citizen in emigration and above all Greece didn’t record the emigrant, it is been witnessed from the records now that country is getting older. The average age has jumped by more than four years since the crisis began, and the population of young people in the country has reduced from 29% to 24%. The primary reason being there is no worthwhile job in the country and taxes are high, meaning whatever is warned are deducted by the government citing the taxes. Low wages and high taxes created a wave of unemployment in the Greece, where every four in ten Greeks are unemployed and are reluctant to work.  The young would give a though on returning to their country once they get a good prospect of having a stable job and if the taxes are lowered by the government as the capital is received for the investment in the economy.

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