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FB Says Sorry For Blocking Videos Of Prager University

On the contrary, the right-wing group in the US has denied all the accusations and stated that FB has deleted 2 of the clips and has also barred several posts.

Upon investigation, it was found that the clips didn’t contain any hate speech. Aftermath, FB apologized for the mistake. However, Prager University, the conservative group, stated that the action taken by FB was intentional and must be taken into serious consideration by every citizen of America.

Recently, the conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, was banned from several social media platforms. He is also from a right-wing group.

Last year, the institute based in LA, clashed with Google. In fact, it had sued Google for putting an age restriction on a few of its YouTube videos. They had stated that the restriction of age is synonymous with an offensive step taken against the conservative ideology of the group. Later, the case was dismissed.

The series of events took an adverse turn as the President of the US accused the technological giants to act in an opposite direction of the administrative supporters.

Prager University was established in 2009 and was co-founded by Dennis Prager, who is also the host of a talk show. The perception of creating PragerU was to promote the 5-minute long video clips that were primarily based on the ideologies of Judeo-Christian.

The group has none less than 1.6 million subscribers and 3 million followers on YouTube and Facebook respectively. Also, there are numerous supporters who are under the age of 35 years.

Buzzfeed has also praised the organization for creating polished contents that are jammed with professionalism, which the other conservative groups fail to depict.

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