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More Than A $100m Loss Blurs Vision Of Uber’s Autonomous Cars

The Chief executive of Uber Dara Khosrowshahi was in favor of shutting down the company’s autonomous vehicle unit. Mr. Khosrowshahi along with the other executives in leadership summit on vehicle research were impressed by autonomous vehicle division’s progress in testing self-driven cars in St. Pittsburgh. After some days of the summit, a woman on a bicycle along the road in Tempe was struck by one of Uber’s self-driven car. Due to failure of distraction safety driver system during collision the vehicle dashed into pedestrian area.

This accident fluxed the efforts of Uber’s self-driven vehicle forcing the immediate suspension of autonomous vehicles tests in various cities. Uber’s executives later, planned on their autonomous business while Mr. Khosrowshahi was pushing one camp for pursuing partnerships or the sale of potential group of Advanced Technologies. A $62 million-dollar company suffered a loss of approximate $100–200 million a quarter due to autonomous car technology since its inception in 2009. Uber must assure the investors that the company can create a substantial profitable business. Uber stated that currently their core objective is focusing on returning to autonomous mode on the roads safely.

Travis Kalanick, a co-founder of Uber decided to prepare a future of Uber as squad of autonomous cars for efficient and safe movement of passengers all the time. In the year 2016, Uber took over Otto and settled down with Waymo–Google’s autonomous car unit in February. Uber also faced huge issues with regulators for testing its self-driven vehicles without California’s Motor Division’s permit. Uber denied for application of a permit as the cars were monitored by safety drivers. The Motor Division revoked all the registration of 16 self-driven testing cars in city. Uber slowly diminished the concept of self-driven vehicles and later announced a layoff of 300 employees as the driverless testing unit was shut. In July, Uber declared the closure of autonomous vehicle business.

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