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The Netflix Is Carrying Out The Testing Of Promotional Videos Which Will Be Played During The Episodes

The latest feature that Netflix is testing is the video promos which aims at playing the ads while the users are watching the episodes. The test videos are appearing on the screens of some of the selected users across the globe. As the part of the tests, the content which includes the algorithms developed by the Netflix are being shown in the form of videos in full-screen mode and come as a recommendation to the user. Those users who are experiencing the featured test videos have taken the Twitter and the Reddit as the platform to give a voice to their anger as the videos in the form of ads are creating the interruptions while the shows are being viewed.

Meanwhile in all of the promo chaos, a bug emerged which a couple of users have encountered because of which those users were not able to skip those ads and were forced to watch those promos for a certain time; similar to the ads which are displayed on the YouTube. The users had to forcible watch those promos before getting over to the further episodes of the show they were watching. However, the Netflix stated that those promotional videos which are displayed are supposedly skippable; it also stated that the promo ad feature is temporary and not permanent.

According to the Netflix, these tests are being carried out so as to analyze whether featuring the recommendations in between the episodes would help the viewers to discover the stories which they would enjoy faster. Another controversial test which the Netflix has been experimenting with is gamifying the shows which are intended for the children by adding the rewards and badges in order to embolden the young viewers. The trailers are already being auto-played on the home page after the user logs into his account which too is irritating for the users.

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