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Last Bulwark Of The Sea Ice In The Arctic Is Observed Breaking For The First Time Ever

The sea ice that is present at the coast near the northern part of Greenland is actually some of the thickest that is present in the entire Arctic region with some of the ridges of this ice heaped as high as nearly 70 feet in some of the places. Now that there is a rapid retreat occurring as far as the sea ice in the region is concerned, particularly because of the climate change, this particular corner of our earth was always expected to be the last for retaining the year-round cover of this sea ice.

But the latest satellite images are showing that some of this oldest ice present in the Arctic is getting replaced by some miles of open water, which has happened for the first time in the history of the world and is quite a surprising fact for the scientists as well as ice monitors all over the world. This particular area was expected to be the last bulwark where the changes would arrive at the last, but everything has happened too soon than expected, according to a senior research analyst Walt Meier, working at the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

This event has certainly proved the fact that no matter how dense the ice is, it is going to face the same fate when the temperatures are increasingly high. Earlier this year as well, in the months of February and March, winds along with the summerlike heat that came from the south created a similar event where the ice breakup happened.

While this event of the sea ice breakup happened in a smaller area, it is said to be well in line with some other changes that may happen as far as the ice cover is concerned. The analysts are saying that this indicates that the Arctic has been changing, in not one but many ways.

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