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YouTube Stars Take On In-The-Boxing Ring

Logan Paul and KSI are about to face each other in a boxing ring. In fact, the followers in the YouTube have also decided to take a side in order to motivate them. They will be stepping into the Manchester Arena. The game is about to create a huge uproar among the subscribers as both the contenders are popular, divisive, and are the owner of controversial pasts.

The 23-year-old US prankster Logan Paul was a stale wrestler. He became famous on Vine before initiating his channel on YouTube. He caused uproar during the initial part of the year by displaying the body of a person who had committed suicide in Japan. However, he gained 3.9 billion views for the video.

The 25-year-old British gamer, KSI, also created a huge uproar with his comedy vblogging and rapping videos. Though he was criticized for passing dirty comments on women, he attracted none less than 4.4 billion viewers in some of the clips.

Both the vloggers have entangled into an online dispute that has triggered the anticipation regarding the game. The match can be watched by all the viewers through pay-per-view on their channel on YouTube.

Their brothers Jake Paul and Deji, who have 4.9 billion and 3.3 billion views respectively, will also be fighting undercard.

Logan is looking forward to the game and stated that this is not an act of redemption against the activity in January.

He is excited about the upcoming match and stated that with this match, he will show his real potential to the world that is much more than a vlogger. On the other hand, KSI regrets his past yet believes that since he is a human, it is natural for him to make mistakes.

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