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Retaliatory Posts Made Back-and-Forth Between Sanders and Amazon

Bernie has criticized Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon for paying low wages to his employees. He has posted many Facebook videos for the past weeks, regarding this. His complaint that Walmart and Amazon do not provide proper wages to their employees, which amounts to $15 per hour, is seen on Facebook.

Bernie says, “Bezos is paying his employees so low that these workers are depending on food stamps, subsidized housing and Medicaid to survive”.

But Amazon says that such postings from Sanders are “misleading and inaccurate”. In its blog post, Amazon has extended an invitation to the Senator to check for himself at its fulfillment centers, where the less paid workers are employed.

Bezos, known as the world’s richest, is not paying his workers properly, complains Sanders in his post. He wants such large employers to pay back for their employees, who get subsidies and assistance from the government such as food stamp and Medicaid.

Sanders refers to CEO Bezos as a “symbol of greed and inequality”. He wants to bring in legislation, so that large companies may be levied a tax that is equal to the government benefits that employees receive from their companies.

Amazon claims that it has created 130,000 jobs, for people in the United States alone. The company has said that it offers assistance like disability insurance, health insurance, and retirement savings plan to its employees.

The war between Senator Sanders and Amazon has been going on for a long time.

Twitter attacks have been made by President Trump too, against Amazon, but Amazon makes it a point to not retaliate back. Now criticism comes from his opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, and retaliation is fired back and forth between both parties.

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