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Compared To Humans, AI Can Handle The World In Better Way, Says Facebook Researcher for AI

Fears that lean to spur when people speak about future-based artificial intelligence, for example, the AI system could get trained to educate itself and become more advanced than human which we could understand. If falls in the wrong hands or on its with such highly advanced algorithm can dominate the world’s military systems and government, manipulation, social control over societies, Orwellian surveillance levels, and administer the autonomous lethal weapons such as military drones on battlefields.

But some AI experts do not think these fears are valid. In fact, an advanced artificial intelligence can be more effective in managing the world than humans. These fears are in themselves the real danger as they can prevent us from bringing such potential concepts into reality.

AI’s Facebook researcher, Tomas Mikolov said, “Might be not attaining AI is a peril to humanity,” in the joint multi-conference on human-level artificial intelligence in Prague on Saturday.

As a species, Mikolov conveyed that, people are very terrible at making preferences that are good for us in the long run. People have swiped away majority of ecosystems specifically the rainforests and other resources, overlooking the fact that has contributed to the slow degradation and perhaps irreversibly devastation of the planet in general.

But an advanced artificial intelligence system could perhaps protect humanity against its own lack of vision.

“We humans are very bad at making predictions of what will happen in a distant time line, maybe in coming 20 or 30 Years,” added Mikolov. “Maybe making AI a lot smarter than ours in some kind of symbiotic rapport that can aid us to avert future disasters.”

However, as said earlier humans fail to match the factor of predictions compared to AI. This parameter can be seen as a boon for the humanity in the coming future.

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