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Dragonfly Might Connect User Activity With Phone Numbers In China

While the Googlers are resigning from their post and the authorities are asking questions regarding Dragonfly, a rumored version of Google’s search engine that is been designed specifically for China, with blacklists and censorship for the terms such as democracy, human rights or protest as a built-in functionality.

How this search engine is going to work has been explained by the Intercept. As per the sources of Intercept, Dragonfly is a prototype which is built accordingly that it will work just like other numerous online services in China, with the help of an Android app that connects the search activity with the mobile phone number.

The Chinese government has asked the services like Weibo and WeChat to include ID cards or mobile number to their accounts earlier; along with this, the officials have tried it hard to ensure that the mobile carriers only sell the SIM cards under the user’s real names. Still, a member of Human Rights Watch has pointed out that linking the search activity will make it even difficult for the people to get rid of government surveillance.

Along with this an idea that it this search engine and linking of search activity with the mobile device will be working as a joint venture with a Chinese company, and it is going to host the data servers in China that has become a reason of concern that it could by access by the officials of the company. And last but not the least; The Intercept has mentioned about a feature in which it will customize the source of air pollution and data of weather, which as per The Intercept has been manipulated by the government earlier.

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