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Google’s Self-Driving Project Creator To Now Work To Automate The Boring Office Functions

One of the best recognized entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley, named Sebastian Thrun, is now taking on a new kind of challenge as the man has finally decided to do something which is actually quite a big shift from the work he has been doing until now, particularly in the autonomous transportation along with the online education. The man is now working to automate some of the most important aspects, which includes a few things including the sales charts. This is expected to be quite a big step that will be coming from the man and a few more steps are to be taken in the same direction in the near future.

The man had founded the research lab X of the tech giant Google earlier, along with a few other projects such as the autonomous car project of the company, the education startup Udacity and the aircraft company named Kitty Hawk. In addition to that, the man has also co-founded one stealthy enterprise firm which named Cresta Ai and also holds the post of the chairman at the same. Other than that, the man, Thrun, is also the founding team’s elder statesman, along with the others named Tim Shi and Zayd Enam, who are relatively younger, as both of them are still in their twenties.

This AI-powered system of Cresta is actually designed in order to help in the automation of the office jobs which are quite mundane otherwise, and this will help the users in many ways as they can get their work done much more efficiently with the help of the same. Thrun told the media that training the AI to take over the tasks that are repetitive as well as boring otherwise, can help the humanity in being free and to reach new heights in terms of many things.

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