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Documents of this E-cigarette maker seized by the FDA for some reason

The Food and Drug Administration has just seized the documents of nearly 1,000 pages during an inspection, which was basically a surprise inspection which was done at JUUL Labs, which is an e-cigarette company that is located in San Francisco, according to the reports. This decision was not taken all of a sudden but rather the agency has been planning this since quite some time. It is being said that the agency had narrowed the focus on the company JUUL, because of the kid-friendly flavors that the company has, and this decision is taken because of the rise in the youth vaping rates in the recent times.

In one of the statements given by the company, it has said that this inspection which was conducted by the company on this Tuesdaywas actually done to seek further documentation related to the sales of the company, along with the marketing practices of the same. The inspection has come on the same day on which the new data from CDC came, which showed that the sales of the company have grown nearly seven-fold in a time span of just one year, from 2016-2017.

The FDA have sent some letters to the company as well, along with a few other companies including MarkTen, Logic, and Vuse, among others. In total, 5 companies have been considered in this case, which has nearly 95 percent of the market share, and the agency has given them a particular deadline of nearly 60 days. In this time span offered to the companies, it is expected of them that they will submit some plans to address the use of these products which are objectionable in some ways, particularly by the minors. The agency has also said that it might remove all of the products of the companies if they do not act on this.

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