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Instagram, the photo sharing app owned by Facebook just experienced a global outage

The social media app Instagram, which is basically a photo sharing app that has gained huge popularity all over the world, in a relatively short span of time, seems to have been facing a few issues in the recent past. One such issue that it recently faced was related to the access of the same, which was difficult to gain for some period of time, as per the complaints from the users all over the world. On this Wednesday, the app experienced a type of global outage, leaving the users helpless.

Down Detector, which is website that is known for its unique features such as the tracking of the availability of the apps, recently reported that the outages as far as Instagram is concerned, actually came from many regions all over the world, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, UK, and London, among others.

The users of the app took to twitter to share the complaints related to this particular outage. Based on the error message that multiple users received, the issue is said to be related to the servers of the company. One spokesperson from the company told the media that the company is aware of the issues that the users are facing, and the company is taking serious efforts to resolve these particular issues as soon as it is possible to do so.

It is not just Instagram that caused trouble for the users, but the company y Facebook, which own Instagram, also faced some similar issues on the same day, for some time. Earlier this year, in June, the app revealed that it has reached a new mark of nearly 1 billion users in the entire world. The company has also been making some changes in the leadership as it plans to get better at many aspects.

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