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Truecaller Launches New Feature That Protects Form Spam And Fake News

In the latest development, Truecaller announced that it is rolling out a novel Chat feature. It stated that the latest feature will be added within its caller-ID app. This feature is supposed to permit for the text conversations as well as sharing of links. Whilst the latest chat feature lets the user for the text conversations and media sharing, it comes with an exclusive spam and forged news protection tool. This tool allows users for reporting malevolent and fake links to guarantee that these links are not spread around.

The latest tool is supposed to help in tackling a severe problem of spreading fake and malicious links plaguing WhatsApp as well as numerous other social chat apps in recent times. At present, Truecaller Chat is open for use for the Android beta users. Reportedly, this feature is supposed to be launched to the public on Google Play in the upcoming weeks.

On a similar note, WhatsApp, a popular social media platform, rolled out picture-in-picture mode. Earlier, this mode was open for its iOS users only. However, the service recently proclaimed that this feature is now available for Android users also. The Beta version is already allowing users to play the third-party videos from the majority of platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram in a floating window.

As per the Android Police, who first marked the novel feature, all videos do not work in a similar manner. For instance, Twitter still uses a new window to open, whilst videos shared directly over WhatsApp are playing inside the platform. Since this feature is still in Beta v2.18.301, only users on the program can get benefited from the latest feature. There is also an option for downloading this app from APK Mirror.

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