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Amazon To Increase Payment Of Some Workers After The Controversy

Amazon, the online retailer giant is going to increase wages for some of its workers, by offering them bonuses as replacement for past compensation plans, when the controversies rise over paying wages to the employees, as said by Bloomberg. Amazon recently has announced that it will start to pay all of their employees with a minimum rate of $15/hour, but this plan was pulled back by some of their workers saying that cutting down some incentives such as stock options and monthly bonuses can lead to decrease in their overall salaries. As Bloomberg has reported earlier, Amazon is trying to make out some changes over this initial plan.

A $1 increase in the wages already makes $15/hour will make this to additional increase of $1.25/hour for many of its workers, said Bloomberg. The bonuses will be provided to compensate the previous pending for their long-term employees, which can allow them to earn about $1500-3000 to stay at Amazon over the period of 5-20 years, the company confirmed with The Verge. Still, it is not clear that how the workers are going to get compensation. Amazon said during this controversy that, such increase are enough to settle down other losses for giving compensation to employees, but rest of the workers were seen in trouble. This week, Amazon’s critic, Bernie Sanders asked them to respond over this controversy.

Responding to letter forwarded to Verge, Amazon’s senior VP, Jay Carney said that the employees prefer immediacy a predictability of cash, along with the increase in wage which compensates in other forms. The changes in wages will be effective from November 1st. A spokesperson of Amazon said, that they will move quickly to forward this data to their teams as there can be some cases which are required to be settled between this announcement of November 1 when the new $15 takes effect.

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