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UK Takes Steps For A Green Future With No Carbon

United Kingdom takes one more step ahead to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

UK has geared up to ensure a better future for its citizens. The government is seeking help from the Committee on Climate Change about what possible measures should be taken in this regard. If the country can ensure zero greenhouse gas emission it will be a great step and an example to the other nations.

UK is highly dependent on burning fuels and became more concerned after last week’s UN declaration. United Nations published a report last week which stated that the rising levels of CO2 in the environment are detrimental to the future of mankind. Claire Perry agreed with the report and said it is very detailed and informative piece which have made them more cautious. She said while the country is really eager to initiate the zero greenhouse gas initiative, the real matter of concern is what will be the cost and who will be bearing the cost. She also stated that things have to be organized, like how much the government can bear, where the private sector can intervene and what kind of technologies can be utilized.

Ms. Perry has declared this week in UK as the Green GB week and has encouraged everyone to come up with suggestions on how the nation can cope up with this problem and how the cost of reducing greenhouse emissions can be balanced with the growth of the economy. CCC has occasionally warned the government that if new measures are not taken by them then the aim of reducing the greenhouse gas emission will never become successful. As per the environmentalists, the emissions from automobiles, farm waste and heat has to be stopped immediately.UK has targeted to reduce greenhouse emission up to 80% by 2050. The base of greenhouse emission has been taken as that of 1990.

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