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WHO Calls For An Emergency Panel On Congo’s Ebola Outbreak

The WHO (World Health Organization) recently said that it would call together an emergency panel to make a decision whether Congo’s Ebola outbreak is a civic wellbeing emergency of international concern. Congo’s Ebola outbreak has confirmed cases and fatality from the virus’ continuous outbreak.

An emergency panel of expertise might suggest methods to control the outbreak, which was reported on August 1, 2018, and has worsened with time. The outbreak has a risk of the virus scattering from northeastern regions of Congo to Uganda and Rwanda. Congo’s health ministry lately reported that in the last week alone 33 patients were confirmed with Ebola virus and out of that 24 of them died. The ministry stated the new cases were confirmed between the span of October 8, 2018, and October 14, 2018. Altogether, over 200 suspected cases of the fatal hemorrhagic fever have been confirmed in this outbreak. Ebola is known to spread through getting in touch with the bodily fluids of the victims. The health ministry further stated that nearly 73 patients have been treated with new experimental treatments. Out of them, only 20 were still getting treated in hospital while the rest of them died. The Ebola outbreak‘s first case in the United Nations peacekeeping mission was also reported in eastern Congo. During the current outbreak, a plumber of peacekeeping mission acquired the disease.

Recently, the WHO was also in news for cracking down in the illegal sale of tobacco. Parties of a new global pact to fight against the illegal sale of tobacco products have initiated its activities toward curbing on this multi-billion dollar business. In a three-day meeting, at the headquarters of the WHO in Geneva the parties have defined a strategy to stop the well-paid black market business in tobacco. A global tobacco treaty has entered into power from September 25, 2018, along with 48 countries joining hands for the new protocol. The latest protocol is a part of the WHO FCTC (Framework Convention for Tobacco Control).

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