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World Gears up for Longest NonStop Flight

Singapore Airlines has announced that it will re-launch its longest non-stop flight between New York and Singapore. This service had been withdrawn five years ago as the airlines found it too expensive to sustain. This announcement has heated up the long-haul flight competition and the flight will cover 15000 kms in just 19 hours. Presently two more airlines have long haul flights namely Qantas which launched 17 hours non-stop flight between Perth and London this year and Qatar that operates a 17.5 hr non-stop flight between Doha and Auckland. The long waiting line of customers keen on getting on these flights should assure Singapore Airlines about the success of this route.

The first flight which is scheduled to take off from Changi Airport to Newark will be launched amid great fanfare and with a fully booked flight. The airlines said that it had started this service due to repeated demand from customers for long haul flights that would help cut down travel time as stop-over flights sometimes waste several hours. The airlines told reporters that all its business class seats were completely booked though there were limited numbers of premium economy seats still available. There will not be any economy seats on this route.

Business class travellers will have the privilege of two meals with the freedom to decide the time when they can have it. They will also have refreshments in between meals and also a bed to sleep in. Premium economy passengers will have three meals at fixed timings with refreshments though they will have to sleep in their seats. For these long haul flights the airlines is planning to use the new Airbus plane that it has specially configured to seat 161 passengers and crew comfortably. Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas who will also fly on this first flight said that as the route is between two of the world’s largest financial hubs it will be filled with business travellers that prefer the convenience of non-stop flights.

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