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NASA Attempts To Resolve Hubble, Chandra Space Problems

NASA has got engaged in a process to solve issues with the existing space devices. While one group of the scientists are involved in diagnosis of the gyro issue which has stopped the functioning of the Hubble Space Telescope, the other group is engaged in resolving the issue with one of the space observatories.

As per a statement provided on October 12, 2018 by one of the spokesperson for NASA, the Chandra X- Ray observatory entered the safe mode on October 10, 2018 morning. This has interrupted many of the ongoing observations. The spacecraft is at present in a steady configuration mode. The researchers are trying to find out the origin of this sudden safe mode issue; they are assuming that the issue has been caused by one of the gyroscopes which are present in the spacecraft. As per the installed configuration, if there is some issue with the gyroscope then the spacecraft will shift to the safe mode. This is a normal phenomenon. The gyroscope is rotating at higher levels of magnitude than it normally does. The gyroscope is functioning appropriately when tracking the movements of the telescope. The gyroscope issue mostly affects the performance of Hubble spacecraft when it is tracking minor movements. For example, when the Hubble is focusing on a specific target the fast magnitude of gyroscope prevents the spacecraft from tracking its small movements.

Besides analyzing the issue, a team of scientists is also trying to find out ways to solve the problem. The scientists did not provide any schedule or timelines within which the problem can be resolved. Perfectly resolving the problem is extremely important because Hubble operates with 3 gyroscopes out of 6 installed on it. At present 3 are non- operational, which means if any of the rest 3 fails then the spacecraft will stop working completely.

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