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NASA  Scientists Meet For Major Mars Discussion

NASA scientists have started discussions that on which part of Mars they should land next. This American Space Institute is starting its new endeavor of discovering life on Mars. The National Academy of Sciences has also urged the agency to start the new phase of research as soon as possible. They have suggested NASA to look for extraterrestrial life as their main aim in this phase.

Almost 300 scientists are meeting at the Los Angeles Mars workshop of 2020. At this meet NASA is going to ask for suggestions from the scientists about where they should land the Mars Rover in the Red Planet to look for life. This project will be on for three years. This summit will also lead to a 10 year plan about the exploration of Mars. This information was provided by Thomas Zurbuchen. He is at present an associate administrator at the NASA Science Mission Directorate. The institute had decided on 30 landing sites when the exploration was started in 2014. Now the sites have been short listed to just 4. The landing site will be chosen depending on the most probable signs of habitat and on the history of microscopic life.

After all the discussions and debates are done at the summit, NASA will receive a formal framework and suggestions, out of which the agency will choose a site. The process will be completed by end of this year. The Mars 2020 Rover will be launched in July 2020. It will be launched on Atlas V rocket. The Rover is expected to touch the land of Mars by February of 2021. Choosing a proper landing site is extremely important as NASA has no intention to send any other Rover after this in the upcoming years. The Rover is also configured to track the existence of any Alien life on the Red Planet.

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