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Now A ‘Companion phone’ that fits into the palm

Now a unique handset is going to storm the mobile market. This smartphone has been launched in United States. The phone comes out under the brand name of palm. The phone is in the size of a palm and surprisingly has 2 cameras. The phone does not have a jack for headphone and a port of wireless charging. The phone looks like a credit card and can be an all- time companion for phone lovers.

As per the head of the firm, this out of the box smartphone can be a break for the regular smartphone users. The phone received amazing comments and reviews both from the phone critics and on social media platforms. The phone is starting its journey in America in the month of November 2018. The phone will be operational only on Verizon network. The phone can be synced with the main smartphone of the user. This means the phone users can easily carry and use this mini- phone at places where they cannot carry their smartphone.

The phone is been sponsored by the football icon of United States, Stephen Curry (popularly known as Steph). He said that he is excited to bring the palm phone back in limelight. Kate Spade, which is one of the famous lifestyle brands of United States have also created a premium looking back cover for the phone. The real owner of this palm handset is TCL and this gadget is licensed by Palm. This is a San Francisco startup company. As per market analyst Ben Wood, this is an ambitious approach in the phone manufacturing industry. He also said that the previous efforts of phone manufacturers to come with such models have not been able to cater to customer needs. But Ben thinks that nostalgia of Palm phones will not be enough to drive sales.

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