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Russian, Iranian troll farms 10 million+ tweets made public

Twitter has published almost 10 million tweets which were posted by the so- called troll accounts of Russia and Iran. There has been recent revelation that twitter has been used by the account holders for incorrect purposes during the election of the United States. The tweets, which have been published, are almost 320 GB content. This will help to research and find out how Twitter has been used for political trolls.

The tweets contain reference to the US elections and date back to 2013. There are some posts from this year as well. The messages also have some reference to the UK referendum. As per the report, approximately 4,570 twitter accounts were involved in the activity.

Another analysis gave shocking responses; 3,789 messages have been found which contained the term, “Brexit.” The Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA) has been linked with this activity. Another fact that came to the surface is most of the tweets were posted on the day of election or just after that. Many tweets have also tried to influence the relation with European Union. These tweets have been included under the hashtag of ‘reasonstoleaveeu.’ There are almost 1,092 posts which fall under this category. Twitter has already highlighted this issue in February 2018. At that time, they came up with 942 Brexit related tweets.

Now they have more evidence against IRA. But all these are only original tweets from the accounts and do not contain any re-tweet. Before making the evidence public, these tweets were provided to the Atlantic Council of United States. They have published a separate report based on these tweets on the news website which is known as Medium. This report states that these posts have most influence in United States and did not have much influence on the other countries. It is assumed that the main purpose of the troll was to prevent the victory of Hillary Clinton.

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