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Facebook To Acquire Cybersecurity Firm To Deal With Security Concerns

Facebook is in the process of reeling out the hack that has exposed the data of 29M users, but it has found a way of dealing with this stress and that is with shopping. As per the sources in discussion with The Information are making strong claims that Facebook is speeding up its plan to purchase a huge cybersecurity company, and it has as well offered deals to some of the companies.

However, the sources have not disclosed any of the names, the CEO of Facebook with its team are as per the reports is looking to acquire software that can incorporate in the already existing services of Facebook, which includes tools for securing individual account and signaling the attempts of hacking.

However, it is not yet clear or confirmed that how close the Social media giant to complete the deal, though, a lot are predicting that it will certainly close the deal by the end of 2018. The company has denied sharing any information about it.

This sort of acquisition can help the social media giant to improve its defense mechanism, enhance its expertise and lessen the possibilities of coding mistakes that can compromise millions and billions of users.

The acquisition is as well a lot depend on the perception of any such move and anything else. Somewhere in between the recent hack and earlier incidents like the scandal referred to as Cambridge Analytica, the user’s trust on Facebook has experienced a tumble. A huge investment in purchasing the software to enhance its security can demonstrate that the company is putting efforts seriously into upgrading its security, even if the recently acquired technology is just partially applicable.

This acquisition is a much-needed move of gaining the trust again that can do both like avoiding any security breach in the future as well as enhance the image and trust of the company.

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